The Quran for Life

3i Workshop, Session 1

On life long learning the Quran with our children by Sister Sy, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Al-Quran with kids: Sis Z made me realize that they are so many interesting activities that we can share with our kids about Al-Quran in a simple way – the race car track, glitters in the bottle, the analogy of the butterflies, speech and drama and many more. I shared this with my Al-Quran teacher and she was amazed with this workshop and how parents play a very important role in instilling the love of Al-Quran in our children and future generations.

2. Understanding Al-Quran is a life long learning – we as parents need to gain the knowledge and we can do this by attending classes, listening to scholars’ lectures, etc. We need to improve and upgrade ourselves and be good role models to our children.

3. Everyday i will try my best to start the day with 100x istighfar and end my day by thanking Allah and forgiving others.

4. One of the sisters also shared her ‘torchlight’ activity with her family in regards to Surah Al-Layl. I was amazed on how this simple activity gave children a deeper understanding of the surah. I also shared the same information with my kids – that when we read Al-Quran everyday, there will be an ‘invisible’ light that shines in our house throughout the night and we are in the protection of Allah سبحانه و تعالى.

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