Spirituality is modeled

3i Workshop, Session 1

On parents’ and children’s needs by Sister NZ, BMP Class of 10/17

This is what I remember from last lesson:

1. The importance of istighfar in the morning
2. ‎Guarding the good deeds we have… (like jangan mengungkit in Malay?)
3. One becomes responsible for what one knows.
4. Spirituality is not taught, but is modeled so it is important for parents to work on themselves first.
5. Our children need to be looked after, nurtured, nourished to grow and flourish. We need to be sensitive to their emotional/physical needs.

I had a very meaningful discussion with my older kids this morning about what surah to do for my homework. Sometimes I forget that they need my attention (in a different way) too.

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