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3i Workshop, Session 1

On the blessings of our children and the culture of thinking by Sister N, BMP Class of 10/17

1. I am reminded to see my children as reminders and not a fitnah. The lesson has brought me to the verse in Surah At-Taghabun (64:15) where Allah says “Your wealth and your children are only a Fitnah, whereas Allah! With Him is a great reward.” Indeed, children can be big distractions and tests. For instance, it is easy for a mother to give excuses like… I cannot wake up for night prayers because I am breastfeeding all night or I cannot go the mosque/attend religious classes because my children are still young and disruptive. This is a struggle that mothers, myself included, need to fight.

2. I am humbled by Sis Z suggestion that we do not stop at saying “Alhamdulillah” when our child has reached a certain milestone. We can extend our thanks to Allah by making donations or doing the sujud syukur. In addition, we should also remind our children to say thanks to Allah when they have done something great. They are to remember that even their wonderful ideas and good deeds come from Allah.

3. I am drawn to the idea of having inquisitive board at home. I hope to have this in mine! I agree with Sis Z that taking note of questions posed by children do give them a sense of respect. It encourages a culture of thinking and asking in a family. Furthermore, it works as a push factor for parents to seek more knowledge as we find answers to the questions. All in all, the whole family grows!

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