Intention and Barakah

3i Workshop, Session 2

On parents’ and children’s needs by Sister N, BMP Class of 10/17

1. We were reminded of the need to set our intention before sleeping. What do we wake up for? What is our frame of mind upon waking up? We should be thankful that Allah wakes us up (through various means like the alarm clock, mosquitoes 😄) and gives us a chance to live another day. We should strive to perform tahajjud and not delay Fajr prayers.

2. I discovered various lesson ideas from the many experienced mummies. One that interests me is the lesson on Surah Zalzalah shared by Sis NZ – it was an intergration of Tauhid (Allah is al-Baseer, the All-Seeing), the Pillars of Iman (believe in Yawm al Qiyaamah) and Geography (earthquake, plate tectonics, seismograph).

On embedding the Quran in our lives by Sister J, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Practices to strengthen ourselves spiritually. Remembrance of Allah is very important. I believe that by doing this, there will be barakah in our time.

2. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the different ways we can embed the Quran in our lives. Through games and activities, we allow our children to learn, understand and embody the Quran and Sunnah.

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