Drawing lessons from the Quran

3i Workshop, Session 1

On quality time and being deliberate by Sister PY, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Starting my day with zikr and doa instead of just rushing to prepare the kids and myself every morning: This is in line with what was shared by other sisters as well as not making excuses for myself, but spending quality time (though it might be little) in connection with Allah through my daily prayer and zikr.

2. Be more deliberate in explaining Quran and Hadith to my kids: This would mean that I have to make the time to read up so I can quote it more accurately. This I hope will help the kids and myself to move to a deeper level of understanding of the Quran and the deen as a way of life. For example, when it rains, I will remind my kids that Allah is sending His blessing down to His creations. I will ask them to make doa. Recently, I went further by talking about the blessings Allah is sending down to the plants and reservoirs, water cycle (very briefly) then reflected on how great and intelligent Allah must be to create something so amazing.

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