Distractions & Daily Practices

3i Workshop, Session 2

On distractions an practices by Sister P, BMP Class of 10/17

I learn so much just from the reflections of the other sisters. I was amazed at how creative each and every sis was in their lesson plans. It encouraged me to plan for more creative lessons for the kids. Carrying out the lessons was also a challenge, with all the distractions. Reflecting on what Sister NZ mentioned about distractions from social media, younger kids have shorter attention span; thus we have to be engaging to get them interested in the lesson.

A manipulative to explain the parting of the sea in the story of Musa `alayhis salaam

I think it is also important to renew my intention for what I am doing (raising my kids to know and love their creator, the Quran, Islam etc.) and the daily practices to help strengthen faith and guide us in our actions for the day In Sya Allah. When kids see it in us In Sya Allah, the lessons we carry out with them will reach them easily.

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