On non-living things that remind us of Allah

Reflections from BMP Class of 09/17

“One non-living thing that reminds me of Allah is books. It is wonderful how words can bring us to another ‘world’ when we read them, how we are able to imagine, and especially how a child can relate content in the book to daily life. We can learn about a lot through a book. The first revelation is also an order to “read”. So it is wonderful how Allah created us able to think and seek knowledge through reading. Be a nation of thinkers and not just blind-followers.”
~ Sister SNJ

“For me, generally it is transportation. Sitting in the bus made me reflect on how having the bus has made it easy for me to go seek knowledge. Alhamdulillah I’m thankful that He makes it easy for me…”
~ Sister A.M.

“Alhamdulillah for a good first session. For me, it is my handphone because it is the same item that makes me forget Allah, hence it makes me reminded of Allah at all times. Kind of the irony of the item.”
~ Sister Y

“Rain reminds me of Allah because it is a reminder for me to make du’aa… and a reminder for me to remind my daughter to do so. Making du’aa may be second nature to many, but I feel it’s still a work in progress for me. Rain/water also reminds me of Allah’s rahmah and generosity – purification and sustenance: ‘And we sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and We gave it lodging in the earth and verily, We are Able to take it away.’ (Al Mu’minun 23:18)”
~ Sister SY

“The thing that reminds me the most about Allah is the clock. Looking at it many times during the day to ensure that I am ‘on track’ (i.e., able to complete my chores and responsibilities by a certain time), I am always forced to ask myself if I have remembered Allah enough and done my duties as a servant (e.g. solat, doing zikir as well as making intention that everything I do is to seek his pleasure). Checking the time also makes me realise that I should not procrastinate if there is something I should do to improve myself in matters of the Deen. I find that reading enriches me, but catch myself saying I have no time, so I have resorted to think of ways to squeeze in time, even if it is just a few minutes to read.”
~ Sister A

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