Distractions & Daily Practices

3i Workshop, Session 2

On distractions an practices by Sister P, BMP Class of 10/17

I learn so much just from the reflections of the other sisters. I was amazed at how creative each and every sis was in their lesson plans. It encouraged me to plan for more creative lessons for the kids. Carrying out the lessons was also a challenge, with all the distractions. Reflecting on what Sister NZ mentioned about distractions from social media, younger kids have shorter attention span; thus we have to be engaging to get them interested in the lesson.

A manipulative to explain the parting of the sea in the story of Musa `alayhis salaam

I think it is also important to renew my intention for what I am doing (raising my kids to know and love their creator, the Quran, Islam etc.) and the daily practices to help strengthen faith and guide us in our actions for the day In Sya Allah. When kids see it in us In Sya Allah, the lessons we carry out with them will reach them easily.

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Amal and Adhkar

3i Workshop, Session 2

On good practices by Sister NZ, BMP Class of 10/17

I think that, as mothers, we often feel tired and that sometimes to grow spiritually, we feel it is a luxury that we can’t afford between our schedules. Thanks to Sis Z for sharing the adhkar they have reminded me of this verse:

“Those who believe, and their hearts find satisfaction in the rememberance of Allah: By remembering Allah, truly satisfaction comes to the heart.” (Surah ar-Ra’d, 13:28)

I have learnt a lot thru the sharing sessions:

1. Surah At-Takathur presented by Sister J is terrific… MasyaAllah. I’ll be using her ideas to implement it on my to-do project during the holidays for my bigger kids by doing Quran lapbooks. I personally feel children are easily distracted as they get older thru social media, friends, etc. And as mentioned by her, people desire to have more and more. A reminder for our children (and us) to be grateful and share with others what Allah has blessed us with.

2. Sister N’s idea of getting the kids involved in volunteering is one way to show our gratitude. We’ve never tried that before as a family and I feel it would be an excellent way to bond as a family. For me, getting my kids of different age groups to do a project together is a challenge, so volunteering is one of those activities that everyone can get involved.

Somebody (forgive me cos I have forgotten who) mentioned the hadith:

Abu Huraira (رضي الله عنه) reported: The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”

3. Sister H’s take on Al-Fajr on how she is trying to get her daughter to perform Salat ul Fajr is… MasyaAllah. I do need help in that area myself. 😁 May Allah help me and all of us to be steadfast in our salah. That is when the niyyah to wake up for tahajjud and perform salat ul Fajr is important.

4. I also had never thought of role playing for Surah Al-Alaq (using blankets, cushions, etc. for caves). We have been building a lot of pillow and blanket forts at home and this is a 👍 idea.

5. When my children have fun, they retain the information so much faster like how Sis ZZ showed how she incorporated vocabulary games for Surah Ash-Shams.

6. Sister P also mentioned that she wanted to expand on Surah Al-Alaq. I think it is an awesome surah to touch on the creation of mankind before going in depth into Surah Maryam like what Sister F has shared.

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Intention and Barakah

3i Workshop, Session 2

On parents’ and children’s needs by Sister N, BMP Class of 10/17

1. We were reminded of the need to set our intention before sleeping. What do we wake up for? What is our frame of mind upon waking up? We should be thankful that Allah wakes us up (through various means like the alarm clock, mosquitoes 😄) and gives us a chance to live another day. We should strive to perform tahajjud and not delay Fajr prayers.

2. I discovered various lesson ideas from the many experienced mummies. One that interests me is the lesson on Surah Zalzalah shared by Sis NZ – it was an intergration of Tauhid (Allah is al-Baseer, the All-Seeing), the Pillars of Iman (believe in Yawm al Qiyaamah) and Geography (earthquake, plate tectonics, seismograph).

On embedding the Quran in our lives by Sister J, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Practices to strengthen ourselves spiritually. Remembrance of Allah is very important. I believe that by doing this, there will be barakah in our time.

2. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the different ways we can embed the Quran in our lives. Through games and activities, we allow our children to learn, understand and embody the Quran and Sunnah.

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Spirituality is modeled

3i Workshop, Session 1

On parents’ and children’s needs by Sister NZ, BMP Class of 10/17

This is what I remember from last lesson:

1. The importance of istighfar in the morning
2. ‎Guarding the good deeds we have… (like jangan mengungkit in Malay?)
3. One becomes responsible for what one knows.
4. Spirituality is not taught, but is modeled so it is important for parents to work on themselves first.
5. Our children need to be looked after, nurtured, nourished to grow and flourish. We need to be sensitive to their emotional/physical needs.

I had a very meaningful discussion with my older kids this morning about what surah to do for my homework. Sometimes I forget that they need my attention (in a different way) too.

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Drawing lessons from the Quran

3i Workshop, Session 1

On quality time and being deliberate by Sister PY, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Starting my day with zikr and doa instead of just rushing to prepare the kids and myself every morning: This is in line with what was shared by other sisters as well as not making excuses for myself, but spending quality time (though it might be little) in connection with Allah through my daily prayer and zikr.

2. Be more deliberate in explaining Quran and Hadith to my kids: This would mean that I have to make the time to read up so I can quote it more accurately. This I hope will help the kids and myself to move to a deeper level of understanding of the Quran and the deen as a way of life. For example, when it rains, I will remind my kids that Allah is sending His blessing down to His creations. I will ask them to make doa. Recently, I went further by talking about the blessings Allah is sending down to the plants and reservoirs, water cycle (very briefly) then reflected on how great and intelligent Allah must be to create something so amazing.

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The present heart

3i Workshop, Session 1

On being present and revisiting the heart by Sister ZZ, BMP Class of 10/17

I find the heart can be a manifestation of both good things and bad things. Often, I need to revisit the heart to reset its intention and to seek refuge with Allah. I really love the zikr at the start of the lesson.

The truth is, at times, I conveniently forget that the good comes from Allah and that I don’t deserve any form of ‘recognition’ or ‘reward’ for a job ‘well done’. This heart is still a work in progress that needs constant reminders and and to fully understand the term “Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal”.

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Not just a trial

3i Workshop, Session 1

On the blessings of our children and the culture of thinking by Sister N, BMP Class of 10/17

1. I am reminded to see my children as reminders and not a fitnah. The lesson has brought me to the verse in Surah At-Taghabun (64:15) where Allah says “Your wealth and your children are only a Fitnah, whereas Allah! With Him is a great reward.” Indeed, children can be big distractions and tests. For instance, it is easy for a mother to give excuses like… I cannot wake up for night prayers because I am breastfeeding all night or I cannot go the mosque/attend religious classes because my children are still young and disruptive. This is a struggle that mothers, myself included, need to fight.

2. I am humbled by Sis Z suggestion that we do not stop at saying “Alhamdulillah” when our child has reached a certain milestone. We can extend our thanks to Allah by making donations or doing the sujud syukur. In addition, we should also remind our children to say thanks to Allah when they have done something great. They are to remember that even their wonderful ideas and good deeds come from Allah.

3. I am drawn to the idea of having inquisitive board at home. I hope to have this in mine! I agree with Sis Z that taking note of questions posed by children do give them a sense of respect. It encourages a culture of thinking and asking in a family. Furthermore, it works as a push factor for parents to seek more knowledge as we find answers to the questions. All in all, the whole family grows!

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The Quran for Life

3i Workshop, Session 1

On life long learning the Quran with our children by Sister Sy, BMP Class of 10/17

1. Al-Quran with kids: Sis Z made me realize that they are so many interesting activities that we can share with our kids about Al-Quran in a simple way – the race car track, glitters in the bottle, the analogy of the butterflies, speech and drama and many more. I shared this with my Al-Quran teacher and she was amazed with this workshop and how parents play a very important role in instilling the love of Al-Quran in our children and future generations.

2. Understanding Al-Quran is a life long learning – we as parents need to gain the knowledge and we can do this by attending classes, listening to scholars’ lectures, etc. We need to improve and upgrade ourselves and be good role models to our children.

3. Everyday i will try my best to start the day with 100x istighfar and end my day by thanking Allah and forgiving others.

4. One of the sisters also shared her ‘torchlight’ activity with her family in regards to Surah Al-Layl. I was amazed on how this simple activity gave children a deeper understanding of the surah. I also shared the same information with my kids – that when we read Al-Quran everyday, there will be an ‘invisible’ light that shines in our house throughout the night and we are in the protection of Allah سبحانه و تعالى.

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Teachable Moments

3i Workshop, Session 1

On extending interest by Sister F, BMP Class of 10/17

My biggest takeaways were from the stories you shared about your mothering and interactions with your children with regards to their education. As mums, we plan, yet our kids lead us to the teachable moments. I hope that I will be able to be more observant, present and flexible to catch those moments of incidental learning and extend my kid’s interest.

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Going in Depth…

3i Workshop, Session 1

Reflections on learning the Quran in greater depth from Sister J, BMP Class of 10/17

1. I didn’t realise that there is so much that we can learn from just a single ayah of a surah through this method of (Quran) journaling. There is so much to reflect on and ponder about. It allows you to do in-depth learning. I have started on surah At-Takathur using mind mapping to illustrate my understanding of the surah. Hopefully i can cover the 3 levels of surface, salad and homogenous.

2. I agree that as the children grow up, they will want more information, more depth and illustration. I realised that this is why my daughter doesn’t look forward to her weekend madrasah. All this while, she is bored while in class as she has already learnt it before, either through reading or from our discussions.

Got straight to work after the session! I highly recommend the books Sis Z shared earlier.

3. I shared with my husband about the car track example of surah Al-Fatihah. We were both so amazed and blown-away with that illustration. It is amazing how children can explain something in a simple manner but deliver with maximum impact.

This is only the first session, but so much learning. Alhamdulillah. Can’t wait for more sharing. Jazakallah Khair!

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